This Mother's day bunch of cupcakes how to guide is so easy to do yet so effective. Perfect for surpising your mum on Mother's day!

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You Will Need

Cupcakes baked in cupcake cases of your choice
16" x 14" Oval Drum – this size will accommodate up to approx. 12 cupcakes

To Decorate:-
500g Baby Pink Sugarpaste (0602915)
Plain Round Cutter (84574)
500g White Sugarpaste (55200)
Food Colours
- Pink (5312)
- Bitter Lemon/Lime and Gooseberry mixed (5302/5304)
- Egg Yellow (5303)
- Baby Blue (5325)
150g Lincoln Green Sugarpaste (0602924)
FMM 5 Petal Rose Cutter (86183)
Ribbon of your choice.

Step 1

Cover drum board with baby pink icing.

Cover cupcakes with circles of thin white sugarpaste, then using the food colourings colour the rest of the white sugarpaste and cut out flowers using 5 petal cutter, to fit over the top. Make small balls of paste and flatten to create a centre for each flower. 

Step 2

Position cupcakes on board. Make long ‘sausages’ of paste in Lincoln green for flower stems (use a smoother if you have one to ensure even stems). Add butterfly decoration to some of the cupcakes if wished.

Step 3

Tie a length of ribbon around stems and make a large bow.

Optional – Add an inscription on the board.

Supply List
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