Adding flowers in between tiers on a wedding cake

Adding flowers in between the tiers of your wedding cake is a very popular design and a very simple way to decorate a cake especially when fresh flowers are being used.

A gap of only 1 ½”- 2” is usually required but may be larger, depending on the size of the flowers used.

If sugar flowers are used a greater depth is needed between tiers as you cannot manoeuvre sugar flowers as you can fresh flowers, and have to allow more headroom. Fresh flowers are ideal as they can be 'squashed' in.

What do i use to create the space?

There are several ways to separate the cakes.

You could use a pile of drum boards glued together,

wooden blocks or,

round/square polystyrene cake separators. These are available in several different sizes, and measure 2" deep. If polystyrene separators are used, a thin single or double thick board is required underneath the separator to support the dowels.

You could also use hidden pillars which will dowel the cake, as well as acting as a separator.

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