This airbrushed ombre tree trunk cake is ideal for a fairy themed celebration.

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You Will Need
10” round deep cake, masked with buttercream, ready for adding sugarpaste.
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste Icing-Brilliant White-1kg – 0674227
Colour Splash Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit - 75209
Colour Splash Airbrush Colours:-
Brown - 75183
Yellow – 75182
Leaf Green – 75180
Sage Green – 75181
Red – 75179
Black – 75175
PME Flower/Leaf Shaper (Veining) Tool - 84531
Impression Mat-Tree Bark and Brick by FMM – 86254
Step 1

Roll out sufficient sugarpaste into a round to cover the top of the cake. With the veining tool or a knife, make circular marks and cuts into the icing to make a realistic effect.

Step 2

With the remaining sugarpaste, roll out into two lengths approx. 3mm thick, to the depth of the cake.  Place onto the side to cover, but don’t worry about hiding the joins. Texture with the tree bark embosser and veining tool at random. 

Make ‘sausage’ shapes with any paste leftover, and add these to the sides, adding tree roots if desired. Texture as before. Leave to set for a couple of hours.

Step 3

Create your own choice of airbrush colours by either using the colours neat, or mixing them to create further shades of browns and greens.

For example:

Add a touch of black for a darker brown. 
Add red for a warmer shade of brown. 
Add green for an aged effect. 
Add yellow for a fresher green.
Mix red and green together for a further shade of brown.
Step 4

Start at the base of the cake with a dark shade, and continue this shade up the crevices and recessed areas, going lighter as you progress to the top. Add other colours and blend in as you spray around the cake. Leave some areas quite light to highlight.

Step 5

Spray lightly around the top, filling the cuts and grooves with the airbrush held close to the surface.

To complete, add grass around the base, together with decorations such as leaves, flowers, hedgehogs, mice, squirrels, rabbits, fungi, stones, ladybirds etc. These may all be made with white paste and airbrushed too.

Supply List
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