Take a break from chocolate with this deliciously edible candy melt Easter Bunny and eggs! It also doubles as an attractive Easter table centrepiece.


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You Will Need
Green Grass Sprinkles (8021750)
PME Chocolate melting pot (85092)
10" Round light green drum board (06811016)
Wilton candy melts - White (822762)
Yellow chick - Medium (06DP567)
Bunny mould (82927)
Culpitt edible glue (5599)
Step 1

First of all, the bunny detailing i.e. nose, eyes and ears, needs to be painted onto the mould using a fine brush – the ears in pink, and the nose and eyes in brown. For this you may use Candy Buttons colours, or colour up some of the white melts with dusting colours. Leave to set.

Step 2

Melt the bag of white candy melts using the melting pot. (Alternatives – use the microwave in short bursts, or melt in bowl over hot water).

Using a large brush, coat the bunny mould with the melts, taking care to keep the edges clean and neat. Leave in fridge to set for 10 mins. Repeat process once or twice to ensure it is well coated. (Several thin layers are better than one thick one!)

Step 3

Once set, release bunny from mould, and fix two halves together with melts, then fix whole bunny onto board in the centre.

Make small eggs in chosen colour(s) by filling each cavity, then tap the mould gently to release any air bubbles. Leave to set. Turn out and fix together.

Step 4

Place green sprinkles around bunny on board using edible glue.

Arrange eggs, fluffy chicks and optional flowers on the board.

Supply List
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