This chocolate wedding cake is a beautiful design for summer. Using pastel colours, polka dots, bunting and sugarflowers it really does look truly unique! And it also includes a gumpaste 'Mr & Mrs' cake topper that can be decorated to any style.

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You Will Need

All cakes filled, and masked with buttercream ready for icing
4” Extra deep chocolate cake (5” depth) on 4” thin cake card (06STR4)
6” Extra deep chocolate cake (5” depth) on 6” thin cake card (06STR6)
10” Extra deep chocolate cake (3” depth)

1.5kg Chocolate Flavoured Sugarpaste (3x 0602684A)
1kg White Chocolate Flavoured Sugarpaste (4x 0602622)
13” Round Cake Drum Board (06RWD13F)
8” Dowels (4802)
Renshaw Flower and Modelling paste – White (2x 0601942)
Bluebell Pastel Gel/Paste Colouring (5239)
Baby Pink Gel/Paste Colouring (5205)
Lavender Gel/Paste Colouring (5209)
Peppermint Gel/Paste Colouring (5207)
Daffodil Gel/Paste Colouring (5204)
Gum Tragacanth (5502)
Plain Beads Mould (AM0023)
Katy Sue Alphabet Bunting Mould (85052)
FMM Multi Ribbon Cutter (86258)
Clickstix Circle Cutter (78117)
Patchwork Gerbera Cutter Set (822397) 
‘Mr and Mrs’ Ribbon (38318)
‘Mr and Mrs’ Gumpaste Cake Topper Decoration (20081)
Edible Glue (5599)
Green Bear Grass – optional (S6429)

Step 1

Place 10” cake onto 13” drum board, and cover with chocolate sugarpaste (approx.1kg) and take to edge of the board. Cut off, neaten edge, and smooth over the cake. Leave to set. Ensure each cake is level as you cover it.

Place top cake onto 4” board and cover with white chocolate sugarpaste (approx. 375g). Cut off around base of cake, and neaten. Leave to set.

Step 2

Mix leftover chocolate (approx. 300g), and 400g white chocolate, paste together to make a ‘milk’ chocolate sugarpaste (these amounts are very approximate). Place middle cake onto 6” board and cover with this paste. Cut off around base, and neaten. Leave to set.

Step 3

Add a little gum Tragacanth into small pieces of each of the three shades of chocolate left over, and leave overnight to strengthen (for beading around cake base).Dowel the base and middle tiers, cutting the dowel rods flush with the surface of the icing.

Step 4

Decide on a main colour for the gerberas. Colour 200g of the first pack of flower/modelling paste with this colour. Divide the second pack into four equal pieces, and colour with the remaining four pastel shades. (These pastel pastes will be used on all three tiers, with the main colour for the gerberas as well).

Step 5

Using the multi ribbon cutter in various widths, cut assorted colour strips of these pastes long enough to go around the base cake horizontally, fixing onto the side of the cake with edible glue, used sparingly (You may need to use a strip of paper as a guide to achieve a straight line) Or if you prefer, add the strips vertically up the side of this cake – you may find this a little easier.

Step 6

Fix the middle tier on top of the base tier, offset to the back. Using pastel pastes, make assorted colours of ‘Congratulations’ bunting, with the Katy Sue alphabet bunting mould – full instructions are given in the pack. Fix around top front of middle cake. Add a fine ‘rope’ if wished for the bunting to hang on, using the main gerbera colour.

Step 7

Fix the top tier onto the middle tier in the centre. Cut out assorted size circles with pastel pastes using the Clikstix cutter. Apply randomly to surface of cake.
Using the bead mould and the strengthened chocolate paste, create beads around the base of each of the three cakes.

Step 8

Make 3 gerberas in your main pastel colour. Full instructions are given in the pack. This cutter makes the gerbera flower really easy to make, as there is a cutter in the set for each stage of the flower, even the centre. Place two on the top of the cake, and one on the base cake, and if wished, add bear grass (Use ‘gunge glue’ for this as it is strong – using same shade of paste mashed down to a tacky consistency with cooled, boiled water).

Step 9

Finally, place the ‘Mr and Mrs’ cake topper in position, on the middle tier, pushing down into the cake. This can be used as it is, or decorated to match the colours used on the cake. For this cake, it has been airbrushed in cream to match the colour of the gerberas, and enhanced with a few small daisies (84395), using the same pastel pastes. If you do not have an airbrush, you could use a lustre spray, or paint with a brush. (Cream can be achieved using gold lustre spray with a coating of pearl over the top. Or add a touch of sparkle with glitter or glitter flakes.

Supply List
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