This DIY Dad cake with tool decorations is a great idea for Father's Day or as a birthday cake for tradesmen or men in the family who are great at fixing things!


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You Will Need

8" x 4" Cake (Flavour of your choice)

Buttercream (Flavour of your choice)

11” Silver Drum Board - 06RWD11F

750g Black Sugarpaste Icing - 0674234

250g White Sugarpaste Icing - 74229

6 Piece Manly Texture set - 86397

Cake Star DIY Man - 06222015

Sugar Tools Cake Decorations - 823929

‘DAD’ Sugar Cake Toppers - 820920

DIY Silicone Mould - AM0017

Step 1

Place prepared cake centrally on board.Mix a small piece of black sugarpaste with the white to make grey.  Roll out into a circle 8” diameter and place on top of cake.  (Markings for inner part of wheel may be made at this stage, or to keep it simple just leave plain).

Step 2

Spray the impression mat sparingly with cake release spray (or use a little white fat) and wipe off the excess with a dry cloth. This will prevent the paste sticking to the mat.Roll out black sugarpaste in a strip to fit around side of cake, approx. 4” (10cm) wide x 27” (70cm) long.

Step 3

Place mat onto paste and use a smoother over the top with a firm, even pressure. Move the mat along until the whole piece has been embossed. Cut off unwanted paste along the top and bottom pattern edge, and place around side of cake, neatening at the top edge.

Step 4

Put decorations into place on the cake – DIY Man, ‘DAD’ and sugar tools. You can if you wish, use the DIY Sugarcraft mould to make extra tools in a chosen colour, or which can be painted if wished!

Supply List
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