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How to Build a Stacked 3-Tier Cake

How to Build a Stacked 3-Tier Cake

A stacked cake is a design where cakes are positioned directly on top of each other, as opposed to using pillars for support. For any multi tiered cake whether wedding or celebration, this is a very popular design!

These instructions apply whether the cakes are fruit or sponge. Please note that as a general rule if you have a mix of fruit and sponge cakes, it is better to place the heavier fruit cake(s) towards the bottom for stability.  If the design allows, keep each tier separate and assemble at the venue for ease of transport. However this is not always possible and it may have to be stacked before transporting. There are special boxes available for this purpose.

It is important to allow the cake below to set / dry, before positioning a cake on top.


Ice all the cakes and check they are level. (A small spirit level is useful for this purpose). Check that they have a neat finish around the base. Leave to set. The base cake is usually placed on a 12mm drum board, with all subsequent cakes on a thin board the same size as the cake.

Insert dowelling rods, ensuring they are positioned within the diameter of the cake above, but far enough apart to give adequate support. The cake top marking template (TE01-KB) is very useful for this job!  After placing into iced cake, mark the dowel, level with the surface of the cake, and remove. Cut the dowels ensuring they are all level, and replace into cake.

Repeat dowelling in middle tier, and place cake (usually centrally, but may be offset) onto base cake, fixing with royal icing.*

Place top tier in position. (Instructions are the same if more than 3 tiers!)

*NOTE: If the cake is to be transported stacked, a sharpened wooden dowel can be pushed down the centre of the cake for extra stability, in which case there is no need to ice the tiers together.


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