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Meri-White 100g

Meri-White - 100g. A powdered egg white substitute ideal for the preparation of royal icing, meringues and similar bases confectionery goods. Meri-White is an important ingredient for all bakers and decorators.

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Product Ref: 56404



Why Buy?

Comes in a handy plastic tub for easy storage


Ideal as an alternative to egg whites


Simple to use.

Product Description:

Meri-white is a powdered egg white substitute ideal for the preparation of royal icing, meringues and similar bases confectionery goods. Meri-White is an important ingredient for all bakers and decorators. This powder is a dried albumen mix which is ideal to keep in the cupboard for all your last minute baking! It will create a bright white result - ideal for stunning cakes, meringues and buttercream.

To use for royal icing:-

Dissolve 15g Meri-white in 75ml water, gradually add 500g icing sugar, beating on a low speed for approx 15 mins until icing soft peaks

To use for meringues:-

Dissolve 20g Meri-White in 150g water, whisk at full speed until stiff - approx 2 mins. Gradually add 300g caster sugar a little at a time, whisk until stiff. (Do not over beat).   Makes approx small 40 meringues


Wheat flour, Dried egg albumen, Sugar, Modified starch, Acidity regulators: E336, E327, Dextrose, Lactic acid, Tartaric acid, Stabiliser: Guar Gum.

Allergy Advice:

Contains egg and wheat (gluten)

Customer Reviews

Date / Score
Customer Comment Our Response
24-Jun-2015 Product:
Perfect product at a good price
14-May-2015 Product:
Just as expected.
12-Mar-2015 Product:
Great for making the icing more stable
01-Jan-2015 Product:
Saves me using egg white for icing. A lot less messy. It would have been good to have included the ratio of meri-white to use with icing sugar/water. After an email the craft company told me to look it up on their site.
09-Dec-2014 Product:
Good value.
24-Nov-2014 Product:
very good
16-Nov-2014 Product:
Good product
12-Nov-2014 Product:
Makes producing royal icing a breeze!
04-Sep-2014 Product:
Wish I'd had a recipe on how to produce meringue. And maybe any thing else I could make with merri white
02-Sep-2014 Product:
Excellent product
06-Aug-2014 Product:
Works well
06-Aug-2014 Product:
Arrived quickly and in excellent condition
30-Jul-2014 Product:
13-Jul-2014 Product:
no instructions on pot to say what quantities to use and how to mix.
06-Jul-2014 Product:
I didn't receive it. I've sent an email but not heard back or received the product yet.
30-Jun-2014 Product:
excellent product
08-Jun-2014 Product:
Have been having difficult obtaining egg with powders from anywhere but at last we've found some.Need instructions on packet not just on the website. Apart from that it's a good product.
06-Jun-2014 Product:
Order was quick to arrive.
03-Jun-2014 Product:
All the items are very good thank you
21-Apr-2014 Product:
As expected, good quality.
17-Feb-2014 Product:
Great product. It could do with some instructions for use on the tub.
05-Feb-2014 Product:
26-Jan-2014 Product:
21-Jan-2014 Product:
Excellent comes in a great container to store.
11-Dec-2013 Product:
Much cheaper price than in the shops and other online retailers.
09-Oct-2013 Product:
great price
01-Aug-2013 Product:
excellent communication and delivery, and will be using the craft company again and again! xx
27-Jul-2013 Product:
as above
14-Jun-2013 Product:
Love meri white but wish they wud put instructions for use on the box
10-Jun-2013 Product:
Not used this product before and went online to find out quantities and how to use. The royal icing I made with it was fine. I will definitely be using again.
10-Jun-2013 Product:
Excellent, good to know I can get meri-white in small quantities.
31-May-2013 Product:
19-Mar-2013 Product:
There should be instructions for use with this
24-Oct-2012 Product:
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