Impress everyone with this beautiful pastel buttercream cake following our step by step guide!

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You Will Need

Round cake minimum 4” deep on round drum board 3” larger than cake. Mask with buttercream first to give a good base to work on.

2x Beau Ready made Buttercream Style Icing (820021, or make your own!)

Colour Splash Gel food colours (soft caramel 0675079 / lemon 0675056 / violet 0675060 / raspberry 0675068 / navy blue 0675065 / forest green 0675070)

Side Scraper/Smoother Wilton 9” (823115)

Various flower/leaf nozzles –

Jem 5 Plain (801020)

Jem 103 Medium Petal (801001)

PME 55 Curved Petal/Chrysanthemum (ST55)

Jem 115 Large Leaf (84988SP)

Piping bags (12” is an ideal size, such as PME 800021)

Flower Nail PME Large (800882)

Baking Parchment (810633)

Step 1

Divide buttercream into portions, and add a different colour to each portion. Separate a small amount from each to keep for piping flowers.

Step 2

Spread the colours onto and around the cake side, either using a small palette knife or by piping them on. The colours can be at random, there is no need to be too specific. Spread a colour onto the top.

Step 3

Using the smoother/scraper, starting at the back of the cake, scrape the buttercream around until you have a smooth surface. Allow to dry.

Step 4

Choose the flowers and the colours you wish to pipe. Add more colour if you want extra vibrancy for the flowers. Cut baking parchment into small squares.

To Pipe Flowers

Place a small square of baking parchment onto the flower nail, fixing with a little of the buttercream.  Pipe flower onto paper and leave to dry until all flowers have been piped. 

Open freeze the flowers for a minimum of 1 hour, or leave in a cool place overnight to set.  They will peel off the paper, and be much easier to place on the cake.

Having arranged the flowers on the cake, you can finish the arrangement by piping the lily of the valley, and some leaves directly onto the cake. If not confident piping leaves onto cake, pipe onto nail as for flowers.

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