Renshaw a hugely popular brand with a range of sugar pastes that have excellent covering properties, leaving cakes with a beautiful, professional finish every time.

All our Renshaw products have a soft, non-stick texture that is not only easy to work with but also has a lovely light flavouring. Purchasing our Renshaw products in bulk is the most cost-effective yet efficient way for professionals to create perfectly decorated cakes in seconds.

With so many colours to available, there’s plenty of choice with our selection of Renshaw sugar pastes to suit every occasion!  Some of our Renshaw sugar pastes are even chocolate flavoured, giving you that extra bit of variety when decorating your cakes. Our Renshaw covering paste is available in ivory or white and offers fantastic value for money without compromising on quality. The range offers the same fantastic quality, texture and taste as our Renshaw ready to roll sugar paste icing but in larger quantities for trade customers.

The Renshaw flower and modelling pastes have excellent setting properties and are perfect for creating flowers, figures and other personalised cake toppers. While many cake decorators prefer to use sugar paste for intricate detail work, the Renshaw marzipan range is actually easier to work with due to its more malleable nature - and it tastes delicious too!


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