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Squires Kitchen is a hugely popular brand that have been providing top-selling cake decorating and sugarcraft products for more than 25 years. From modelling chocolate to confectioner’s glaze, Squire’s Kitchen has got it all!

Our range of Squire’s Kitchen flower paste is very pliable, meaning it can be rolled very thinly without risk of breaking or cracking, leaving you with a beautifully smooth finish to create decorations with. The pastes can also be used in Tappits, plaques and for 'dressing' models. We have a variety of colours and sizes to choose from in the Squires Kitchen range, including Marigold, Candy Peach and the classic Opaque White.

Squire’s Kitchen modelling chocolate (Cocoform) is great for mixing with sugar paste to cover a cake or for use as it is for modelling simple flowers and tasty decorations.  Each of our Cocoform products are made with high quality Belgian chocolate and glucose. Alternatively, our selection of Squires Kitchen modelling paste is perfect for creating beautiful figures, simple flowers and pretty toppers to finish off any special celebration cake. With so many shades available, you’re sure to find something to suit your project!

From icing mix to cookie cutters, we have a great range of other Squires Kitchen products for you to choose from too.

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