Sugarflair are a world-renowned brand that uses only the highest quality ingredient in all their edible products. Our wide range of Sugarflair products is a great way to add a pop of colour and flavour to your cakes, bakes and decorations in seconds.

Our vibrant range of Sugarflair food colouring pastes are known for their beautifully vivid shades that can be used to colour any type of icing, including sugar paste, royal icing, marzipan butter icing and cake mixes. Each product in the range is highly concentrated, will not change your icing’s consistency and will darken once dry for maximum results!  Different intensities can be achieved depending on the amount used - for a pastel colour use sparingly but for a strong, vibrant colour just continue to add the colour.

Sugarflair edible lustre dusts are a great way to give a beautiful shimmering finish to your cakes and sugar decorations. These dusts can be applied with a dry brush straight away or mixed with rejuvenator spirit to create a paint. With colours ranging from Silky Peach to Jade Blossom, you’re sure to find the perfect dust for your creation.

Flavour your cakes, buttercream, creams, icings, custards and more with our delicious range of natural food flavourings by Sugarflair. These concentrated flavours are a fantastic way to enhance your cakes, decorations or icing with minimal effort - to use, simply add 1ml per kg of food and adjust to taste. Simple as that!

For more brilliant food colouring products, check out our full range of Colour Splash!

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