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Sweet Lace Silicone Mat - Baroc

Sweet Lace Silicone Mat - Baroc. Use with Sweet Lace mix (27T-100)

Overall size of mould 15.75" long x 7.75" wide (2 strips of lace in each mould).  Each lace strip is 3.5" wide.

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Product Ref: 11016

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Product Ref: 11016


Sweet Lace Silicone Mat - Baroc.   Make beautiful, delicate edible lace using this Sweet Lace mould..  Full instructions given.

May be coloured while mixing using a concentrated gel colour. For best results, use a food mixer.

To Use:-

Simply add 4 level tbspns (45g) Sweet Lace to 55ml warm water, and mix on medium speed for approx 2 mins until a smooth and creamy mixture is obtained. Add 1 tspn (5g) Sweet Lace gel(supplied in the tub) .  Add colour if wished at this stage.   Mix for 5-10 mins until perfectly smooth.

Spread the mixture onto Sweet Lace Silicone mould  using a spatula (or side scraper is useful for this job), and leave to dry for 6-8 hours (or to speed up drying time, bake in a low oven - 80 degrees C for 10 / 15 mins).

Carefully remove lace from mould by turning mould upside down and starting at one corner, gently peel away.  May be cut with scissors into borders, edges, strips, cake side decorations, shapes for cupcake decorations, and ruched into fan shapes etc.

Wash before initial use, by hand or in dishwasher.

Do not use any sharp metal knives with this product.

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