Our step-by-step guide is easy to follow and perfect for any baker looking for a simple yet effective american football themed celebration cake.

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You Will Need

Cake baked in Rugby Ball Tin (823060) masked ready for icing. (Note: This tin takes a 4 egg sponge mixture / 1½ packs Wright’s Cake Mix.)
Oval Drum Board (06OVL16x14)
750g x Chocolate Brown Sugarpaste (3x 74217)
250g x Lincoln Green Sugarpaste (55199)
White Sugarpaste (74215)
Quilting Tool (84618)
Cutting Wheel (84620)
Bone Tool (84521)
Rejuvenator Spirit (5501)
Dowel Rods (4802)

Step 1

Place cake onto oval drum board. Cover with brown sugar paste, cut off around the base and neaten. Mark the indents with a bone tool, and use the quilting tool if you wish to mark any stitching on the ball.

Step 2

Roll out green sugar paste and cover board around the cake.

Roll out two strips white sugar paste (approx. 25cm x 4 cm) and place over the ball. Add laces on the top by rolling a very thin 3mm sausage of paste and cutting to fit (or pipe the laces on)

Step 3

Create the grass around the cake using the leftover green paste – roll out and cut into narrow strips. Using the cutting wheel, cut blades of grass along one edge. Place around the cake, fixing with rejuvenator spirit (or any other edible clear spirit you may have).

Step 4

Make quick goal posts by glueing together some dowels, and fix onto the board with some icing (mash down some green sugar paste with water to a tacky consistency for this). Another way to make the posts is to use a Pastillage icing.

Optional:  Use Alphabet Cutters to create an inscription of your choice. A good choice is 78110/78111 Clikstix Block, and 86232 numbers from the Tappit Alphabet/Number set.

If wished make some rugby ball cookies to complement your cake, using the cookie cutter (820834)

Supply List
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