These watercolour cookies are the perfect way to release your artistic flair when baking!

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You Will Need
Cookie Dough
Apricot glaze - 821370
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste - White - 74229
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste - Black - 74218
PME brushes – 800081
Paint palette tray - 84953
Selection of Colour Splash gel colours
Rejuvenator spirit – 5501 or any clear edible spirit.
Step 1

Cover cookies with white and/or black sugarpaste, attaching with a little apricot glaze and allow to dry.

Using a variety of techniques, paint the cookies. All colours are slightly diluted first with rejuvenator spirit.

Note: Cookies iced black - mix a little Colour Splash white powder colour (75115) into gel colour first and paint on)

  1. Spray colours using new toothbrush kept for this purpose, to ‘flick’ the colours.
  2. Using clingfilm to create random designs – paint the colours onto the icing at random and cover with clingfilm, allow to dry before removing.
  3. Painting onto cellophane/clear acetate film at random and transferring onto icing.
  4. Painting with clear spirit onto icing first, and adding colours at random.
  5. Using a single colour, brush stripes starting with light shade and getting darker.
  6. Using several colours, brush in stripes to create a rainbow effect.
  7. Brush colours onto icing, neat, and add clear spirit to create watercolour effect.

Note: Cookies may be finished by embellishing with piped decoration or adding decorations of choice to enhance, if wished.

Supply List
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