What can i use to paint a design onto my cake?

Painting onto celebration cakes is currently enjoying a massive revival. Absolutely on trend, from simple birthday cakes, to colourful designs on multi tiered wedding cakes, you can simply let your imagination run riot.

If you are an established artist or simply a leisure painter, you will already possess the skills and confidence to be able to paint directly onto cakes. Skills acquired for painting on paper can easily be adapted to cakes. However those with little or no experience can easily learn, helped by the tremendous range of food colours and paints available today.

The Colour Splash range of food colours will provide all you need to create any style of painting onto cakes or plaques, from simple inscriptions to more intricate pictures. Good quality paintbrushes are essential to achieve a good finish, initially a fine tip and a flat brush. Techniques vary and a practice is a good idea. If unsure how to get going, start on plaques to place on your cake, then if a mistake is made and you cannot erase it, you won’t have wasted a whole cake. (Moistened cotton buds, are great to erase any mistakes).

Most types of food colouring when used for painting, will require mixing with a liquid. Recommended is rejuvenator spirit or clear alcohol. This ensures your painting will dry very quickly as the alcohol evaporates off. Cooled, boiled water can be used but it takes much longer to dry.  Also, there is more of a tendency for the sugar paste surface to ‘pit’ if a little too much is used. However if you’d prefer to simply open a pot of paint and go for it, there is an exciting new range of Edible Paints from Colour Splash. What could be easier?

Any type of food colouring may be used for painting and our advice would be to try out the different mediums to see which one best suits the style you want.

Colour Splash gel/paste colours are ideal mixed with rejuvenator spirit or clear alcohol to give vibrant or more muted colours.

Food Colouring powders and Lustre powders are more commonly used, again mixed with rejuvenator for painting sparingly onto your sugar paste or chocolate.

Cocoa Butter is an extremely popular medium for painting onto sugar paste or chocolate. Simply mix with powder colours in your palette, over a pan of hot water for a delightful paint effect on your cakes.

Cocoa is another great medium to mix with a white fat over a pan of hot water, to create a simple two-tone sepia picture

Edible Paints are a brand new range in the Colour Splash ‘family’.  Absolutely ready to use with no mixing required, simply dip in your brush and off you go. Available in a wide range of colours.

Any painting may be enhanced with Edible Pens to outline, Food Colour Sprays to highlight, or the new range of Brush-on Pens in metallic colours.

We all remember from our schooldays that paint colours can be mixed to create many more vibrant colours, so there is no need to buy a whole range of colours. In fact, part of the excitement of creating a picture is colour mixing in your palette. Food colours are no different.

The only colours you actually need are a basic red, blue and yellow, together with black and white to enable you to create a whole rainbow of colours. You may wish to add green and any other specific colours you require.

For example, a few of the Colour Splash basic gel/paste colours, when mixed, will give you the following:

Lemon + Red = Orange

Lemon + Christmas Red = Deep Orange

Christmas Red + Navy Blue = Purple

Lemon + Navy Blue = Olive Green

Lemon + Peacock Blue = Green

Green + Red = Brown

Red + Christmas Red + Touch of Navy Blue = Burgundy

These are just a few examples, but if you experiment with different amounts of each colour, and also add white, you will realise just how many different colours you can create!

Part of the excitement of painting on cakes can be experimenting with a variety of tools, other than brushes, to help add various other effects to your painting.  For example, a natural Sponge would be perfect for adding a background, a sky, or creating trees. The PME Ink Pads are great for painting large dots. 

The main technique when painting with food colours is to start with a light shade, and gradually add darker shades, to achieve the various tones of colour required.

Painting on cakes can be a very absorbing and rewarding method of decorating a cake.  Instead of filling your workspace with numerous pieces of equipment to decorate your cake, simply prepare a pallet, paintbrushes, your Colour Splash paints, then sit down, relax, and off you go!

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