What Size and Type of Board do I Need?

Cake boards are available in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses, from cut edge to drums. We stock a vast selection for you to choose from. They can even be kept after use as a work board, All our cake boards are available in singles or as bulk packs. So what type of board should you use?

Cut edge (1mm)

Suitable for lighter gateaux, sponges etc.  As their name suggests, the edge is cut, showing the inner card, with the silver covering the top only. Available in round and square.

Single thick (2mm)

Again suitable for gateaux, sponge cakes, but a little thicker and stronger than cut edge.  May be used when assembling a wedding or multi-tiered cake, where the upper tiers are sponge, and a thin, hidden board the same size as the cake is required.  Available in round (3"-12") and square (3"-14").

Double thick (3mm)

Much stronger, these boards will support heavier fruit cakes, and larger, heavier sponges. Recommended for any multi-tiered cake with slightly heavier upper tiers that require a hidden board the same size as the cake, or for any celebration cake. Available in Round, Square & Oblong.

Hardboard (3mm)

If you require an ultra-strong but thin board, then this is the one to use. Just slightly thicker than the 3mm double thick. Available in Round, Square & Oblong.

Drums (12mm)

Extremely strong, and will support any cake, whether sponge or fruit. Usually used for the base of a multi-tiered cake or for any other celebration. The size required for a sponge cake would generally be 2” larger than the cake itself. For a fruit cake which is marzipanned and iced, use a drum board 3” larger. There are exceptions, however, where you may wish to add decorations on the board itself, so you could either increase the board size, or offset the cake to the back. Drums can greatly enhance the finished appearance of your cake if you ice to the edge of the board and then add a ribbon to match or contrast with the decoration on the cake. Use 15mm ribbon if iced to the edge.  Available in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes.