How to Use Clikstix Cutters


ClikStix cutters are perfect for cutting out all sorts of lettering and shapes to create sugar decorations for your celebration cakes.

What paste should i use with ClickStix?

For best results, we recommend you use sugar flower paste – this is strong enough to be rolled out very thinly, which eliminates the risk of your paste becoming stuck in the cutter, and will release easily

How do I cut out the shapes?

Using a non-stick board, roll out flower paste very thinly in a longish narrow strip, using white vegetable fat/petal base. This helps to stop your paste from drying out and to prevent sticking. Dust a different area of your board lightly with corn flour, and place rolled out paste on this, so it can be moved around easily.

Place chosen cutter at right angles (i.e. horizontally) to paste. Place fingers on the side bars. (Not on springs or the central area) and cut, pressing firmly down. ‘Scrub’ the board to ensure the cutter edge goes through the paste. Remove excess paste, pick up cutter, and press ejector/backing strip to eject the shape. 

Continue doing this for chosen shapes working down your strip of paste. Then if you want more shapes, re roll and continue cutting etc. (If you are not sure whether cutter has given a clean cut, turn over and rub around cutter edge with finger to neaten)

You may add shapes to cake immediately, sticking with edible glue, or leave to dry first. If dry, stick to surface using a stronger royal icing or sugar paste mashed down with a little water. The shapes may be used standing up if left to dry first.