Using Mesh Stencils


Creating a Marbled Metallic Effect

Once your cake has been covered with sugar paste, leave it until the paste has hardened a little. Using pins, carefully attached your mesh stencil to your cake with a pin in each corner.

Using House of Cake Writing Icing, load the stencil at one end. In the example shown below we have used both Silver and Gold Icing.

Gently hold one end of the stencil where you loaded the writing icing, and place a straight edged scaper against the loaded end and slowly draw the scraper to the other end, stopping before you reach the edge.

Remove the scraper and inspect the stencil or any parts that remain unfilled. If you find any unfilled parts, then very carefully place the stencil back onto the surface of the cake and run your scraper over those parts once more.

Remove your pins and peel away the stencil being careful not to touch any of the cake with the wet stencil. Your marble pattern will be revealed underneath.

You may find that the stencil has a built up layer of writing icing on it. Carefully run your scraper over the stencil again to remove any excess.

To wash your stencil lay it flat under a tap and rub and rinse both sides. Dry and store your stencil flat.