Chocolate dipped strawberries are a delicious addition to any dessert table at your wedding, We've put together 4 ways to make your strawberries stand out!

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You Will Need (Basic)
Callebaut Belgian Chocolate - Milk - 1kg (6193)
Callebaut Belgian Chocolate - Dark - 1kg (6192)
Callebaut Belgian Chocolate - White - 1kg (6194)
PME Electric Chocolate Melting Pot (85092)
Mini Cupcake Cases
Chopped Nuts
Dessicated Coconut
Melt your chosen chocolate in the melting pot and dip your strawberries up to the top. Place into the mini cupcake cases and either leave plain or sprinkle over nuts, dessicated Coconut or any other edible sprinkles.

Choose White & Dark or White & Milk chocolates and melt seperately. Once melted add the darker chocolate to the white chocolate and gently swirl the colours together until you get a marbled effect. Then dip your strawberries in to create this unique marbled look!


Melt your chosen chocolate and dip your strawberries in to the top. Lay on a sheet of greaseproof paper to set. 

Once completely set, Melt an alternative coloured chocolate and allow to cool slightly. Add to a piping bag (Cake Star Disposable Piping Bags - Pack of 12 (84798) and snip a little off the end, Pipe lines, swirls, hearts or any other design onto your strawberries!

Alternatively, Use our range of candy buttons to pipe coloured design to match your theme!



Candy Buttons
Edible Glitter
Edible Paints
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Cake Star Disposable Piping Bags - Pack of 12 (84798)
The beauty of creating alternative dipped strawberries is that you can let your imagination run wild! 
Use any flavoured chocolate or coloured candy buttons as your base and use our range of edible paints and glitter to decorate with any design you like.
For example: Melt some white chocolate and dip your strawberry in to the top. Allow to completely set and then using the Colour Splash Edible Paint - Metallic Gold (75187), paint the white chocolate a beautiful metallic gold colour.
Once set use some slightly cooled white chocolate in a piping bag and drizzle lines from bottom to top. Simple yet elegant!
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