This wedding cake design is perfect for any chocoholics wedding, Colours may be changed to suit certain colour schemes. We love duck egg blue and chocolate as a theme!

Supply List
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You Will Need
6” Round Chocolate Sponge (821397)
8” Round Chocolate Sponge (821398)
10” Round Chocolate Sponge (821395)
1.8kg Chocolate Sugarpaste (4x 0602684A)
1.5kg White Chocolate Sugarpaste (6x 0602622) 
8” Plastic Dowels (4802)
Gum Tragacanth (5502)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel – Raspberry (0675068)
Bright Pink florist wire (1384BP)
7mm wide Hot Pink Ribbon (8021162)
5 Petal Cutter - Set of 4 (84310)
Blossom Plunger Cutter - Set of 4 (84772)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)
Daisy Centre Stamps (optional) JC452
FMM Ribbon Cutter (optional) 86258
Length of 15mm wide ribbon in colour to suit. (Chocolate, pink or cream) to cover board edge. (8021262)

Cover 10” cake with approx. 1kg chocolate sugarpaste. Place onto centre of 13” drum board, securing with a little sugarpaste mashed down with boiled water to a tacky consistency (gunge glue). Roll out a strip of white chocolate paste, and position on the board around the base of the cake. Neaten the edge.

Cover 6” cake with approx. 450g white chocolate sugarpaste.

Cover 8” cake with approx. 450g chocolate and 450g white chocolate paste kneaded together.


Place 3 dowel rods into each of 10” and 8” cakes. (Ensure they are placed within the area of the cake above to remain hidden).  Cut off flush with the surface of the icing on each cake, making sure they are level.

Using ‘gunge’ glue to secure, place 8” cake onto centre of 10” cake, and 6” onto centre of 8” cake. Secure the ribbon around each cake.

Main Flowers

Using all 3 shades of chocolate paste leftover from covering cakes, cut out 5 petal flowers(several of each shade and size) with a contrasting colour one size smaller on the top.  Roll a tiny ball of paste for the centre of each flower (use the daisy centre stamps to texture if wished). Make 3 – 4 extra flowers, push in a pink wire and leave to dry. (Note: you may have to make up a little extra of the mid chocolate colour to complete the flowers and bow).

While still fresh, stick flowers to side of cakes in a design of your choice, and shape petals if wished. Generally, the larger flowers are towards the base of the cake and are contrasting against the cake colours.

Tiny Blossoms

Colour a little remaining white chocolate paste with Raspberry colouring. With small blossom cutters, cut out a few of each size and stick onto cake amongst larger flowers in a design of your choice. 

Bow– Cut out several lengths of sugarpaste, varying in size, approx. 2-3cm wide. (Use one colour or all 3 colours of paste). To continue the pink theme right through to the top of the cake, stick some tiny pink blossoms onto the lengths of paste ribbon.  Make loops of ribbon to form a bow on the top of the cake, fixing each loop with glue. You will need to support loops as they dry with foam, tissue, kitchen roll or similar.

Take flowers on wires, cut wires quite short, and push into paste at base of loops. There should be no need to go into the cake. (Wires should not be inserted directly into cakes without the use of a posy pick).

Supply List
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