These Christmas pudding biscuits are so easy to make and perfect as a Christmas time treat!

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You Will Need
Gingerbread biscuits (Homemade or shop brought)
Icing Sugar
Culpitt Holly Leaf Plunger Cutter - Set of 3 (84792)
Culpitt Green Metallic Modelling Paste - 100g (74254)
Culpitt Metallic Ruby Modelling Paste - 100g (74247)
House of Cake Glitter spray - Silver (75024)
Step 1

Once you have baked (or brought) your bicuits, Mix up some icing suar with water until you get a consistency that runs off a spoon.

Step 2

Roll out your Green modelling paste to around 4mm thick, Using the smallest holly plunger from the set cut out enough holly to add two to each biscuit.

Step 3

Dip a 3rd of the biscuit into the icing sugar, and turn to allow some of the icing to run down the biscuit a litte. Lie flat on a cooling rack to allow the icing to set.

Step 4

Take a small amount of the Ruby modelling paste and knead it to soften, Take smaller amounts of this piece to roll into small balls for the holly berries.

Step 5

Place your holly and berries on top of the icing on each biscuit and spray with the Silver glitter spray to finish!

Supply List
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