Create cute Christmas pudding design cake pops following our easy step by step guide, Perfect as a festive treat or to sell at a Christmas fair!

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To make Cake Pops

You will need:

Cake Crumbs (Flavour of your choice)
Renshaw vanilla frosting (0605813) Or Renshaw chocolate frosting (0605814)
Flavouring if desired

In a large bowl, mix cake crumbs and sufficient frosting for cake crumbs to stick together. Roll into balls of an even size and place on a tray.  

Push a lollipop stick into each one and place in fridge to set for at least one hour.

To Decorate

You will need:

PME Candy Buttons - White Vanilla (6083)
PME Candy Buttons - Milk Chocolate (6060)
Culpitt White Round Plastic Cake pop Lollipop Sticks-Pack of 50 (15294)
Cake Star Green Modelling Paste (75136)
Cake Star Red Modelling Paste (75013)
Culpitt Triple Holly Plunger Cutters-Set of 2 (84791)
PME Cake Pop Bags-Pack of 25 (800001)

Remove cake pops from fridge.

Melt chocolate candy buttons in a deep bowl and dip cake pops to cover completely. Gently shake off the excess chocolate and leave to dry on a stand.

Melt white vanilla buttons in a bowl and with a teaspoon, carefully drop enough on top of the puddings to create drips.

Knead and roll out some green modelling paste. Cut out green holly leaves, and place on top of cake pop.

Make some red berries and add to the leaves on top. Finish with a little sparkle if desired. (87045)

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