Transform your cake with headstones, bats and spooky ghosts for Halloween! Our step-by-step guide is easy to follow and perfect for any baker looking for a simple yet effective Halloween cake idea.

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You Will Need
10” Round Cake, masked with buttercream, ready for icing (821404)
14” Round Drum Board (06RWD14F)
1kg Navy Blue Sugar Paste (0602914)
250g Black Sugar Paste (74218)
250g Grey Sugar Paste (0602908)
250g White Sugar Paste (74229)
FMM Stone Wall Impression Mat (86255)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder-Pearl-Gun Metal (75106)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder-Pearl-Silver Sparkle (75086)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder- Matt – (75127)
Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder- Pearl – White (75085)
Large Round Cutter- approx. 12cm (84574)
Step 1

Mix 150g grey sugar paste with a little black sugar paste to give a marbled effect. Cover the board with this, and emboss in places using the stone wall impression mat. Dust with silver and black lustre dusts. Allow to dry.

Step 2

Cover the cake with navy blue sugar paste, and neaten around the bottom edge. Carefully place onto the board, offset to the back.

Step 3

Cut out a large circle of the blue paste from the top of the cake and remove. Replace with a circle of white sugar paste cut the same size to create a moon.

Step 4

Dust parts of the ‘moon’ with grey lustre dust, and dust all over with silver. Using the starlight comet white lustre dust, carefully and sparingly, dust around the outside edge of the moon.

Added Extras

Witch: Witch Cookie Cutter (821768) - Cut out a witch in black sugar paste, and place over the moon.

Gravestones: Impressit Small Alphabet Embossing Stamps (811406) - Roll out remainder of grey paste quite thick and cut into headstone shapes. Make marks with various tools, and use black dust and any other dusting colour of choice, to ‘weather’ them. Lettering may be added using the small alphabet stamps.

Crosses: Cross Cutter (84271) – Cut out as for headstones (above).

Coffin: Coffin Cutter (81866) – Roll out black sugar paste a minimum of 2cm depth and cut out coffin. Cut a coffin lid from thinner paste.

Ghosts: Pavoni Large Halloween Plunger Cutter Set (99989) / Katy Sue ‘Ghost Mould (86557) - For large ghost, roll out white paste and use plunger cutter to cut out, and emboss. For smaller ghosts, push white paste into ghosts mould.

Bats: Pavoni Small Halloween Plunger Cutter Set (99988) / Katy Sue ‘Bat’ Mould (86556) - For large bats roll out black paste and use plunger cutter to emboss. For smaller bats, push black paste into Bat mould.

Cobweb/Spiders: Katy Sue Spider Web Mould (86558) / PME Ink Pad (800707) – Roll out black sugarpaste and place over the cobweb mould. Roll paste onto mat to emboss the web. Remove paste and cut out web to size required. To add detail to web, use the ink pad dipped into a silver lustre powder diluted into a paint. Place web onto cake, and add a spider, made using the mould.

Trees: (from strips of black paste), skulls (using small Halloween plunger cutter) and stars (using ghosts mould) to complete a ‘spooky’ look for your Halloween party!

Supply List
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