Bring your Halloween cupcakes back to life with this spooktacular Creepy Coffin cupcake decoration! This eerie design is fantastic for serving at children's Halloween parties or for handing out to little trick-or-treaters. Our step-by-step guide is easy to follow and perfect for any baker looking for a simple yet effective Halloween cupcake idea.

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You Will Need
Chocolate Cupcakes
Chocolate Buttercream
Chocolate Buttons or Chocolate Digestives
Cake Star Rolling Pin with Guides - 6" (84880)
Culpitt Green Sugarpaste (74223)
Culpitt Chocolate Sugarpaste (74217)
Culpitt Black Sugarpaste (74218)
Culpitt White Sugarpaste (74229)
Coffin Cutter (81866)
Cake Star Plain/Fluted Cutters - Set of 6 (84895)
Cake Star Palette Knife - 8" Straight Blade (10605)
Baked with Love Spider Web Cupcake Cases (2333)
Cake Star Edible Glue Tube - 20g (75053)
Step 1

Start by covering your cupcake with a small layer of chocolate buttercream icing. Cut off a portion of your chocolate sugarpaste and roll out flat using your rolling pin.

Step 2

Choose a cutter the same size as your cupcake surface from your Round Cookie Cutters Set and cut out a circle from the sugarpaste. Use your palette knife to cut a large cross shape in the middle of your circle.

Step 3

Carefully place the circle on top of your cupcake and open up the shape by folding back the 4 corners of your cross. This will create the opening ready for your coffin.

Place your choice of chocolate/chocolate biscuits inside a small cellophane bag and crush them until you are left with small chunks and crumbs.

Step 4

Use your palette knife to cover your sugarpaste surface with buttercream icing, ensuring you do not apply any to the triangle folds.

Scatter your chocolate chunks over the buttercream icing to create a dirt look for your graveyard. Continue to scatter until the icing is covered, then shake the cupcake to knock off any excess.

Step 5

Roll together balls of your white and black sugarpaste to create a light grey shade. Blend the grey with a small amount of black sugarpaste for a marbled effect. Roll out the colour using your rolling pin and use your Coffin Cutter to create your spooky coffin shape. Cut off a portion of your green sugarpaste and create two small creepy hand shapes.

Step 6

Secure your creepy hands to the coffin using edible glue and attach to the middle of your Halloween cupcake for a spooktacular finish!

Supply List
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