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What are posy picks?

Posy Picks or Flower picks are plastic flower holders, and are essential for holding the stems of sugar or fabric flowers when inserted into a cake. They will also hold the wires used when making fountains or explosions which are a popular form of decoration for the top of a cake.

Why should i use them?

Wires should never be inserted directly into a cake, even those covered in florist tape, and no matter what size your stems/wires are, there should be a posy pick to fit. They come in several sizes, and diameters, there are even micro ones for tiny, single stems, so it is useful to have a selection in your cupboard ready for use at any time. You never know quite what size your stem will be when finished.

Some are pointed at the base with the larger ones having additional ‘fins’ to help anchor them down and prevent moving when inside the cake. Others have a wider, flat base to hold larger stems all the way down.

How do i use them?

To use them, it is generally easier to tape the wires/stems together first and then insert into the pick, ready for pushing into the cake. You could, however, insert wires individually into paste inside the pick – sometimes useful for fountain type toppers. Take great care when deciding where to position the pick, especially if it is holding a large flower spray – the last thing you want is to push it in and realise that the flowers are not where you want them to be.

They are ideal for placing into the top of a cake to hold flowers or fountains, but the micro ones are equally as useful for holding a single flower pushed into the side of a cake. You may well have to add a little flower paste into the pick first to anchor the stem, if it is smaller than the diameter of the pick. This will apply to larger stems of flower sprays as well.


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