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As Halloween approaches, we thought we’d take some time to explore some of the products available in our creepy, ghoulish Halloween section – have you seen what’s available?

We chose a range of Colour Splash concentrated food colourings, a fun and creative skull cutter and texture mat set from Cake Star and some Purple Cupcakes Halloween sprinkle mix. Want to see how we got on?

Let’s dive in.

Creating some stand up skull decorations

The first thing we did was create some skull decorations to stand on the top of our cake. To make the sugar paste dry hard enough to hold their own weight we added some Tylo powder. We cut out the skulls in white, black and brown sugar paste and dusted the darker colours with edible lustre to make the silver and gold.

Top tip – gold and silver edible lustre look best when applied to darker coloured sugar paste. We start with dark grey or black for silver lustre and brown or dark yellow for gold.

For the white skulls, we waited for them to dry then used the Colour Splash colours with a drop of vodka to paint the different colours. You can use edible paints too.

Each skull was then mounted on a toothpick or cocktail stick to be stuck in the top of the cake.

Colouring the cake and buttercream

The next job was to bake the cake. We baked a vanilla sponge and added orange colouring to one half of the mix and purple to the other – you can use any colour combination you like, or you could even create a Halloween rainbow cake. The Colour Splash colours hold their colours beautifully when baked, unlike some supermarket brand colours, so be sure to use the right ones…

We chose to use chocolate buttercream for the filling and outside of our cake and added more purple colouring to give it a spooky feel.

Putting the cake together…

Once cooled, we filled the cake with the coloured buttercream, followed by a crumb coat and top coat. This was smoothed using a PME cake scraper to create smooth sides.

Once the cake was all covered, we whipped up a small batch of green coloured royal icing to use as a drip. You can also use dripping solution or ganache for this part. Apply the drip solution using a bottle or a teaspoon and encourage it to drip around the top of the cake. We then used a 2D piping tip to pipe little whips of the chocolate buttercream on the top.

The skulls we made earlier were then placed in the top of the cake and the whole thing was sprinkled liberally with the Halloween sprinkle mix as a finishing touch.

Our cake was displayed on a black cake drum.

Creating some matching cupcakes

We finished off our ghostly creation with some matching cupcakes. We baked our favourite chocolate cupcakes, piped them with the leftover purple chocolate icing and used some of the small skulls as cupcake toppers. The rest of the cupcakes were decorated with the Halloween sprinkle mix.

Simple, effective and (most importantly, in our view) absolutely delicious!

What will you be creating this Halloween?


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