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Cake stencils! In common use several years ago, they went out of fashion for a while, but stencilling for cakes is currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity!  Whether a small design on cupcakes or a pattern on larger cakes, they are a simple solution for a quick and easy decoration on a cake.

Whatever your theme there is usually an appropriate stencil that will suit!   There are various ways of using stencils, and it is a good idea to practice with a simple design first, before going onto the more intricate designs.

The easiest way to use a stencil is to simply place it on the cake or onto a plaque, and paint, dust or spray the colour on.  However, using it this way means smudging could occur if the stencil moves!

One effective and fairly fool proof method is to place the stencil on fresh sugarpaste, roll over it carefully with a rolling pin which will raise the paste through the stencil design, therefore preventing the stencil from moving.

Then apply the colour!   The easiest way to do this is with lustre dusts, either brushed or sprayed on.  I prefer the accuracy of brushing it on!

TIP!  To enhance the colour of a lustre dust, brush on Gildesol first, then apply the lustre with a brush.  The resulting sheen is brilliant!

A second method is to place the stencil onto sugarpaste or royal icing where required, and with a small palette knife, spread a little royal icing, in a colour of choice, over the design.  Carefully remove the stencil from the cake. You are then left with a slightly raised design, standing proud of the iced surface!


Both of these methods give you a sharp, clean edge, and look extremely effective!  For cupcake tops, just roll out a large piece of sugarpaste, apply the design, then cut out circles to fit the cupcake tops!

From tiny ‘hands’ and ‘feet’ for Christening cakes, to festive Christmas designs, and sets of cupcake stencils, why not give this inexpensive method of decorating your cakes a go!


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