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Baking for the one you love this Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to express love, gratitude and romance. Whether you go all out with a sumptuous Valentine menu or you brighten their day with a temptingly delicious plate of hand baked goodies, we’ve pulled together some simple Valentine’s recipes to round off the perfect day of romance. You and your partner could even bake some tasty Valentine’s Day treats together to create something you both love!

OK, so even if you haven’t got that special someone in your life, you deserve some love, gratitude and romance, don’t you? Spoil yourself, your neighbour or your best Galentine - just bake with love! It doesn’t even have to be Valentine’s Day either, you can bake the recipes below at any time of year, whether it’s to show your appreciation for someone or just because you feel like making some tasty baked goods which have a love theme.

Discover some Valentine’s Day baking ideas below…

Simple Heart Sandwich Biscuits

Whip out your favourite biscuit recipe, cut out some romantic hearts, bake them with an extra sprinkle of love and laughter then, once cooled, sandwich them together with pink buttercream. 

Before you’ve said “Love’s true love kiss” you’ve got some gorgeous, simple heart biscuits to share with those you love.

If you’re struggling for a biscuit recipe, why not follow this one here from Betty Crocker.

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Valentine Blondies

If you haven’t discovered the gorgeousness that is Blondies yet, now is the time to get baking. These gorgeous blondies, dotted with pink and red Smarties or bake-safe sprinkles are the perfect introduction.
Bake them in advance and freeze them or enjoy them fresh from the oven. Whichever you choose, this Blondie recipe is so versatile you’ll be baking it long past Valentine’s Day.

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Pink Velvet Valentine Cake

Red velvet is SO last year. This year is all about pink velvet. A delicious vanilla based cake coloured with pink food colouring, this version is for those of us who prefer a vanilla flavour to a chocolate flavour…

So-named because of the velvet-like texture of the sponge, a velvet cake is made using buttermilk (and sometimes vinegar) to set it apart from a standard sponge. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, get baking and let us know what you think. Here’s a recipe to try out and impress your loved one…

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Valentine Chocolate Bark

If chocolate is your preferred way of showing love (yes please!) then how about a simple but effective Valentine chocolate bark?

Get creative with sprinkles, sweets and gold leaf or keep it simple with different coloured chocolate. Either way, enjoy every last crunchy mouthful of your Valentine chocolate bark with this recipe.  

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Valentine’s Day Strawberry Muffins

There’s always a good time to bake some delicious muffins and with this recipe the Valentine’s theme is provided by the inclusion of heart-shaped strawberries which are placed on top of the mixture prior to baking.

The combination of sweet chocolate chips and fresh strawberries ensure these muffins have a rich, fruity flavour. Making them is straightforward too, with a total baking time, which includes preparation and cooking, of around 50 minutes.

Red is universally recognised as the colour of love and for a continuation of this Valentine’s theme, these muffins will sit perfectly within our Strawberry Tulip Muffin Wraps.

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Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

These easy-to-make Valentine’s Day Cupcakes have a vanilla frosting which is topped with sugar hearts. They are a great idea, whether you are making them for your partner or planning to take them to a Valentine’s Day party or event.

You could make the hearts yourself but to save the hassle you could choose these Culpitt Assorted Sugar Hearts as an alternative. These hand piped sugar hearts are available in packs of 150 and are not only great for Valentine’s Day but also when baking for weddings, birthdays and engagements. Another option would be to use these Purple Cupcakes Hearts.

Source -

Heart-shaped Cake

If you haven’t got a heart-shaped cake tin, don’t worry, as you can use both a square and round cake tin to make this delicious heart-shaped cake. We have already taken a look at a pink velvet cake earlier in this article, but now we are showing you the recipe for the more traditional red velvet cake.

The red food colouring provides the sponge with a distinctive appearance and when this cake is topped with buttercream, you would never be able to tell that a square and round cake have been used together to form the shape of a heart. If you do have a heart-shaped cake tin handy, you could always use this if you’d prefer.

Source -

 Hidden Heart Cake

Staying on the theme of heart-related cakes for a moment, this Hidden Heart Cake recipe is a great idea if you are looking to surprise your other half this Valentine’s Day.

Surprises on this particular day are common among couples looking for a special way to express their love for each other, and what better way to mark the occasion than to bake your partner a cake which reveals a heart design when they cut into it?

This cake takes quite a bit of effort and a fair amount of time to bake too but I’m sure it will all be worth it when the secret heart is revealed!

Source -

Treacle Tart Hearts

If you’ve decided to cook the special someone in your life a Valentine’s Day meal this year, these Treacle Tart Hearts are an excellent dessert option.

Featuring a heart shaped pastry tart filled with treacle and finished with a cut-out pastry heart placed in the middle of each one, they look every bit as good as they taste.  

You can enjoy these tarts warm and covered in cream for dessert but if you have any leftover after Valentine's Day, they will keep in an airtight container for up to three days and are lovely as a snack. You can find the full recipe here.

Source -

Naked Valentine’s Day Cake

Naked or semi naked cakes, with exposed sponge, which is not completely covered in frosting, are very on-trend at the moment. You could create your very own naked cake for your partner this Valentine’s Day and decorate it in a special way just for them.

You could make the sponge cake yourself or save time and buy a plain sponge cake which would only leave you with the decorating element. Adding biscuit, fruits and other elements will create a truly unique cake for you and your partner to enjoy.

If this is an idea which excites you, find some inspiration here.

Source -

Valentine’s Day Dark Chocolate Cake

Bake a rich and indulgent dark chocolate cake, which you and your partner are sure to love, this Valentine’s Day. The best part of the process when making the cake will be in the decorating when you can really put your own stamp on the design by making it a cake which not only tastes great but looks truly spectacular too.

You can find the recipe for this Valentine’s Day Dark Chocolate Cake, here.

Source -

Top Valentine’s Day Baking Tip!

If we have inspired you enough to get your rolling pin out this Valentine’s Day and bake for the one you love, then we have a top tip for you below:

*Bake your Valentine’s Day treats in advance!*

If you know you have time on Valentine’s Day itself for some baking, then this doesn’t apply to you.

But, if you have something planned with your partner, like a meal or a few drinks, the last thing you want to be doing is spending unnecessary time in the kitchen when you should be getting ready to go out. This is why we recommend that you make your Valentine’s Day treat a day or two before the day itself. If you know you have time, you could decorate the cake, muffins or cupcakes on the day.

Another way in which baking on Valentine’s Day could cause an issue, is if your partner decides to spoil you with a surprise trip out, and you suddenly realise you won’t have time for baking. So, to enjoy a stress-free Valentine’s Day, we recommend that you do your baking in advance! 

Have fun, spread the love and (most of all) get baking! 


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