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Cake lace is a great way to add an elegant touch to cakes for all kinds of special occasions. We stock a variety of stunning readymade cake lace you can use but for those of you that prefer to create your own we’ve answered your top 10 cake lace questions, from the simple, ‘How do I use it?’ to more advanced tips and techniques. Read our cake lace FAQ below and inspire yourself to create a lacy showstopper that will have everybody swooning!

1. Is cake lace edible?

Cake lace is fully edible and suitable for food contact. It can be placed directly on any cake, cupcake or dessert for a stunning finish that not only looks beautiful but tastes it too.

2. How long does cake lace take to set?

It depends on the brand you’re using. If leaving to set naturally without using an oven, our Cake Lace by Culpitt may set overnight in a few hours whilst other cake lace brands could need a full 24 hours. You can also bake the lace mat to save time.

3. How do I attach cake lace to my cake?

We recommend that you splash a small amount of water onto the reverse of your cake lace decorations. This will soften the bonds and give them a ‘sticky’ back. You may wish to use edible glue for a stronger bond.

4. I placed my cake lace onto a cake using water but have returned to it a couple of hours later to find it’s peeling away in places. Why is this?

If there is too much moisture on your cake then the cake lace may start to peel so it’s important you allow any fondant on to dry before adding the lace. This problem could also be because you didn’t cover all parts of your cake lace backing with water. We’d recommend using a small brush to cover the lace, making sure all of the surface area is wet.

5. How do I store cake lace?

Wrap your cake lace decorations in greaseproof paper and store in a cake box/plastic tupperware tub with a secure lid.

6. How long will cake lace last once it’s been made?

As long it is stored using the recommended instructions above, cake lace can last for up to 6 months (although chances are your cake will be enjoyed well before this :))

7. Can I colour cake lace?

Absolutely! We’d recommend using Colour Splash powders to produce a light coloured finish. For a darker finish, use Colour Splash’s airbrush or edible paint and apply by hand.

8. Does cake lace go brittle?

Cake lace has a very soft consistency. You’ll find different brands have different properties and levels of stiffness but they rarely go brittle.

9. What does cake lace taste like?

Cake lace has a sweet taste similar to that of sugar alternatives used in hot drinks. The flavouring used does not contain alcohol.

10. I can’t get my cake lace out of the mat without it tearing. Why is this?

We recommend that once a layer of cake lace has been added to the mat and cooked or dried, then second layer is added and re cooked, this will strengthen the lace and will come off the mat easily.

Do you have any other cake lace or cake decorating questions you need answering? Let us know on our Facebook page and we can help!



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