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For many of us, baking and eating a traditional fruity Christmas cake is one of the best parts of the festive holiday. But if not everyone in the family is a fan (or you’ve just eaten too much already!) we’ve come up with some cracking alternative Christmas cake ideas for everybody to enjoy this year!

Moist apricot, prune and cherry cake

Christmas cakes don’t necessarily have to be about heavy fruit sponge and brandy! This winter bake is a worthy light sponge alternative to the traditional Christmas cake that still gives that delicious festive fruity taste minus the alcohol. And what’s more, the recipe is simple enough that it can be made by Christmas bakers of all skill levels.


Ginger bundt cake

For a cake that really stands out in the crowd, this beautiful ginger bundt cake recipe is sure to be a hit in any home this Christmas. With a dash of cinnamon, add a sprig of holly to finish, this delicious cake makes the perfect festive dessert!


Cranberry fridge cake

If you want a cake without the bake then this could be just the thing for you! This fantastic fridge cake recipe is perfect those of you that would rather preserve your baking skills, keep things mess-free or just plain avoid the oven altogether. The cranberries in the cake are perfect for keeping things deliciously festive and the array of chocolatey ingredients are sure to make this yummy treat a firm favourite with family and friends this year!


Scottish black bun

Some of you may be very familiar with it already but, for many, serving a traditional Scottish Black Bun will make a wonderful change to the Christmas spread this year.  The moist and fruity bake consists of dense fruit cake surrounded by pastry that is then baked in a simple loaf tin. Craft Company’s very own Kathryn gave this Scottish favourite a go and was really impressed with the outcome.


Festive chocolate cake

Because who doesn’t like chocolate cake? This beautiful festive bake is perfect for the whole family and friends of all ages! You could even make your favourite basic chocolate cake and decorate it with Christmas cake decorations for a festive touch. Easy peasy deliciousness!


Chocolate Yule Log

Here is another one for all the chocolate lovers out there! A Yule Log is about as festive as it comes and if you are not a fan of fruit, this fruit-free alternative Christmas cake will be right up your street. This cake has a rich taste with added luxury provided by a dark chocolate icing centre. It really is deliciously moreish and is even a great dessert option on Christmas day.


Whole orange spice cake

Don’t put all your oranges in Christmas stockings this year, remember to keep one back to make this delicious, orange-based cake! The combination of oranges and spices are about as Christmassy as it gets, and with its abundance of citrus and cinnamon flavours, this cake is sure to be a real favourite over the festive season. If you wanted to make this cake a few weeks in advance, which will save you time over this busy period, it is suitable to freeze and then defrost when required. 


Lemon & pistachio cake

Staying on the citrus fruit theme and also incorporating an especially popular snack at this time of year in the form of nuts, this Lemon & Pistachio Cake, once again, ticks all the right boxes when it comes to relevance. It also tastes great too, with a zingy and creamy combo that will have your tastebuds jumping for joy. The topping of creamy cheese frosting, lemon zest and roasted pistachios really elevates this cake, by providing a contrast of textures, big flavour and a vibrant, colourful aesthetic. 


Apple & cinnamon crème caramel cakes 

Instead of just making one big cake, how about baking lots of smaller cakes which could be enjoyed as an alternative to not only Christmas cake but also traditional Christmas pudding, as a dessert after polishing off your roast Turkey dinner? Apple and cinnamon are a simply irresistible combination, with the addition of caramel providing a luxurious topping, to be enjoyed warm and covered in cream. The individual portion sizes may also be a blessing on Christmas day, with trouser belts no doubt becoming that little bit tighter by that point in the festivities!  


Easy Carrot Cake 

Whether it’s ensuring there is a nose to place on the snowman you’ve just helped the kids to build (providing we get any snow) or buying in vegetables for Christmas day, there are often a few spare carrots to make use of at this time of year. What better way to utilise any unwanted carrots than to bake a cake with them? This easy-to-make carrot cake includes orange zest, cinnamon and fresh nutmeg and can be topped with icing, chopped walnuts or pecans. 


Spruced up vanilla cake

This versatile cake is ideal for enjoying with a cup of tea whilst relaxing over the festive period or chosen as an alternative dessert for Christmas day. It is really easy to make too, with just a handful of ingredients required. Let’s face it, you don’t want to spend all your Christmas holidays in the kitchen, no matter how much you may love cooking or baking, so with a preparation time of less than 30 minutes, this could be the perfect cake for you to bake this festive season. 


Frozen cake

Add a touch of Disney magic to the special day with a Frozen-inspired cake. If there are any fans of the hit film coming to yours for Christmas this year then this fantastic cake is a great way to let it go and guarantee smiles all round! With its snowy theme, shimmering lustre finish, this cake makes a wonderful Christmas day treat for younger members of the family.


Playful penguins cake

Another one for the kids! This adorable penguin cake design is a brilliant alternative to traditional fruit cakes and great for serving as a Christmas day dessert when you have little ones sat round the table. Decorate using our fantastic range of cake toppers or get the kids involved in the fun and make your own!


Spicy black gingerbread cake

The smell of gingerbread alone is enough to get everybody in the Christmas spirit so this easy cake is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. From sweet to spicy, the varied ingredients in this fantastic recipe is what makes it one of our favourite Christmas cake recipes this time of year.  For an extra special finishing touch that everyone will love, decorate with flavoured icing. 



Snowflake cupcakes

Christmas cupcakes are a quick, fun and tasty way to celebrate the special day without the stress and mess. Place these shimmering snowflake cupcakes on a cupcake stand for a beautiful festive table centrepiece. And, remember, cupcakes mean you don’t have to share. Hurrah!


You could also decorate a pre-made cake

Christmas is a hectic time of year, what with buying presents for everyone, parties, meeting friends and family and of course preparing everything for the big day itself. Baking a cake from scratch, therefore, might not be top of your list of priorities. Saving time by buying a pre-made cake and decorating it yourself is a good way of ensuring your already busy schedule doesn’t get too overwhelming. There are lots of ways you can transform a pre-made cake into a festive delight too, read on for some inspiration…

Firstly, apply icing or buttercream

Whether you choose icing or buttercream to decorate your pre-made cake depends on both the look and taste you are aiming for. Icing is sugar-based and creates a thin glaze, producing a sweet and smooth layer on top of the cake. Icing can also be applied to decorate cakes in detail. If you would like a more buttery taste and thicker texture then buttercream is the better option. Applying buttercream to your cake is known as frosting and this is preferred by most dessert decorators because it holds shapes effectively and can be used to create a variety of shapes. You can make your own icing or buttercream but to make things really straightforward, there are some readymade options available too like this Ready Made Buttercream Style Icing.

Edible Christmas cake decorations

Once your cake has been covered in icing, the fun can begin as it is then time to decorate your pre-made Christmas cake. You can get the kids and other family members involved at this stage too! As we are making the decorating of your pre-made cake as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, there is no need to make the decorations yourself as there are plenty of edible ready-made Christmas themed options available. Edible Christmas cake decorations like these Santa and Snowman Face Sugar Decorations will provide your cake with a very festive theme. Other edible decorations for Christmas cakes include these Holly and Christmas Pudding Cake Decorations

Christmas cake toppers

So, we’ve had a look at edible Christmas cake decorations but what about Christmas cake toppers that can be re-used year after year. A Christmas themed topper will provide a real focal point on top of your decorated pre-made cake and provides a traditional style. There are plenty of options too, from this Cake Star Merry Christmas Cake Topper to this Bristle Christmas Tree Cake Decoration.  

And if you don’t want cake at all…

Never-mind Christmas cake alternatives what about alternatives to cake itself? We know there can sometimes be such a thing as too much cake over the Christmas holidays, so we’ve got some non-cake alternatives for you to try out too. 


Panettone is a heavenly sweet Italian bread that is traditionally enjoyed at Christmas time in many countries across the world, making it the perfect Christmas cake alternative. The tasty dough is studded with candied fruits and raisins for added sweetness. Panettone, which originates from Milan, is also highly versatile too as it can be sliced and eaten as it arrives, toasted and covered in butter, and also served as a dessert with chocolate and caramel.


If you’d still like to include the fruit aspect of traditional Christmas cakes, you could also try out a stollen recipe. Stollen is a fruit bread covered with powdered sugar and a swirl of marzipan to keep things suitably festive. It is a traditional German bread but is enjoyed throughout the world. As a slight twist to the traditional long stollen cake you may be familiar with, making bitesize miniature stollens which are great for enjoying with a cup of tea or coffee is also recommended.


Christmas morning spiced bread

If you would like a hassle-free snack to enjoy on Christmas morning this spiced bread can be made in advance and frozen prior to defrosting the night before the big day. The inclusion of cinnamon provides a real Christmas flavour with raisins and walnuts continuing the festive theme. You can feed the whole family by slicing and toasting this Christmas morning spiced bread and serving with butter and jam. 


Pandoro sweet Christmas bread

Like Panettone, Pandoro is a sweet Italian bread which is a traditional Christmas treat. It originates from Verona in Northern Italy which is why it is often referred to as Verona cake. It has a light and fluffy texture and is often built in a tall shape which resembles a Christmas tree. You can enjoy Pandoro plain and sliced to be eaten with a hot drink like tea or coffee. Pandoro can also be combined with other ingredients like sherry, almond and orange to create a tasty dessert.









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