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Get your frying pans at the ready, bakers, because it’s that time of year again – Pancake Day! 🙂

Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday is all about emptying out our cupboards in preparation for Lent, giving us the perfect excuse for the ultimate annual pancake feast. Pancake Day is a bit of fun that everyone can get involved in, no matter what age or skill level. Whether you usually spend the day presenting the perfect pancakes or scraping the bits of batter off the ceiling, we’ve got some great ideas for everybody to have an extra fun and tasty Pancake Day this year!

With Valentine’s Day also nearly upon us, what better way to combine the two celebrations and make heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast? We used the PME Heart Cutter and Squeeze Bottle to make extra neat, fuss-free pancakes. Simply place your metal cutter onto your hot pan, pour your batter inside the cutter and, once the surface begins to bubble, carefully remove the cutter. Make sure you use some good quality tongs to remove the cutter before flipping as it’ll be very hot. Serve up with some sugar and strawberries for an adorable finishing touch!

Food colouring is a fabulous way to add a burst of colour to your pancake feast! Our Colour Splash gel range works fantastically well in pancake mix so they seemed like the obvious choice when we embarked on our rainbow pancake journey. We tried out a few different shades from the gel range and ended up with pancakes of all shapes, sizes and colours! Who knew making pancakes could be such an art?!

Because our Colour Splash gels are so concentrated they really only require the smallest amount to achieve maximum colour. None of the colours affected the taste or texture of our pancakes, leaving us with yummy pancakes that look just as good as they taste!

Baking for the kids? Why not combine some fun cutters with the gels! We used brightly coloured batter with our range of metal cutters to create kid-friendly shapes such as dinosaurs, butterflies and caterpillars. You can pour the coloured mixture straight into the cutter and cook it in the pan, or just cut the shapes out of pre-made pancakes. Or just do what we did and try out both! Pancake Day comes just once a year, after all 🙂

If you’re struggling to remove your pancakes from their cutter, try spraying it with some non-stick spray and only filling the cutter halfway with the batter. After flipping your pancake, lightly push down on your pancake and wiggle the cookie cutter a little before lifting it off.

If you’d rather make your own shapes, our squeezy bottles are perfect for controlling your pancake mix as it’s released into the pan, giving you plenty of room for fun and creative shapes!

For a healthier touch, fill your pancakes with colour co-ordinated fruit – try kiwi fruit in the green pancakes, bananas in the yellow, blueberries in the blue and strawberries in the red! A brilliant way to get into the spirit of the day while giving the kids a balanced meal.

If you’re making pancakes for the whole family, turn the oven on to a low heat, stack the pancakes up on a plate with greaseproof paper as you’re making them and keep them in the oven to stay warm until you’re all ready to eat them together. Get the kids involved in making the pancakes by letting them choose the shapes and flip the pancake (you can worry about the mess later…)

Will you try out shaped or coloured pancakes this year? Share your pancake creations with us on our Facebook page!

















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