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Fruit cake may be the traditional flavour for wedding cakes but is no longer the only choice for the modern bride, with more inventive food flavourings available than ever.

Whether you’re making your own or working with a professional, wedding cake design doesn’t stop at the decorations. Choosing an unusual flavour for your cake is a subtle way to bring something a little different to your wedding and add your own personal touch.

Don’t be afraid bend away from traditional flavours and get creative with your wedding cake. If you can’t decide on one flavour then why not have something different for each tier? Tiered cake can consist of all sorts of contrasting flavours with a combination of inventive fillings to really surprise your guests with once the cake is cut. Many brides choose to keep one tier as a traditional fruit, vanilla or chocolate cake while using the others to experiment with more unique flavours. The only criteria is that your bottom tier should be dense enough to be able to hold the weight of your other tiers so be sure to ask your cake maker about this first.

Can’t decide which flavours you should go for? We’ve put together a list of popular options to help you make that all-important decision for your big day…

Fruit cake: A must-have flavour for the traditional bride. Fruit cake goes a long way and with a very generous shelf life, making it a great choice for preservation or sending pieces to those that couldn’t attend the day. Traditionally, the bottom layer of a wedding cake was cut at the wedding, with the middle tier being served to guests and the top tier being kept for the christening of the couple’s first baby.

Chocolate: A perfect choice for chocoholics and a guaranteed hit with most, if not all, of your guests. Chocolate cake can vary in richness and works well with an endless list of fillings. Put a unique spin on this classic flavour with different filling such as mint or strawberry, or really treat your chocolate loving guests with chocolate fudge. A rich chocolate fudge can be a dense enough to use for your bottom tier as an alternative to fruit cake too.

Vanilla: It’s true, you simply can’t go wrong with a vanilla wedding cake. Vanilla flavouring remains the most popular choice for wedding cakes and an all-round crowd pleaser. Keep it simple by pairing with vanilla frosting, or mix with more exotic flavours. Vanilla makes a great base for just about any flavour so feel free to get creative!

Red velvet: Silky, smooth and oh-so romantic, there’s nothing quite as irresistible as a red velvet wedding cake. Not only does red velvet cake taste amazing but what’s more romantic than the colour red? Hide underneath white frosting for a surprise pop of colour when the cake is cut or make a real statement with a vibrant red velvet naked cake.

White Chocolate with Raspberry: This winning combination is perfect for feminine brides looking for a flavour with a difference. The sweet white chocolate really comes to life when paired with the tart fruitiness of the raspberry filling. Perfect for bringing something a little unique to your cake while keeping chocolate fans happy.

Lemon: A great choice for summer cakes. As one of the most popular flavours you can guarantee lemon cake will go down well on your day. Team up with citrus infused icing for a flavour-filled treat your guests won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Carrot: Carrot cake makes a brilliant alternative to more common flavours such as chocolate and fruit.  Carrot cake can be very moist, particularly when paired with buttercream, so it may not make a suitable bottom tier flavour choice.

Pink Champagne: Cake, bubbly and weddings are a matched made in heaven so it’s no surprise that pink champagne flavoured wedding cakes are increasing in demand this year. The pretty shade can be achieved using our pink Colour Splash food colouring gel too. Popular fillings for a champagne cake include rum flavoured custard, white chocolate or rich whipped cream.

Coconut and Lime: Channel the tropics with this surprisingly delicious flavour combination. Coconut has surged in popularity over recent years and the addition of tangy lime filling gives it that extra kick that guests will love.  This fun-filled flavour is perfect for summer weddings or tropical destination weddings.

Marble cake: Can’t decide between vanilla and chocolate? Who says you have to! The two popular flavours work incredibly well together to create an irresistible marble cake that is guaranteed to tantalise your guests’ tastebuds.


What flavours will you be trying out for your big day? Share your thoughts and ideas with us on our Facebook page!









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