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This galaxy cake has a beautiful interstellar gradient of beautiful blues and playful purple and violets. Not only does it look fantastic, but it is really easy to accomplish - making it a great beginner cake for anyone with a cake decorating airbrush to try.

For this, we used:


Step 1:

Place your cake onto a drum board and cover it with white sugar paste. Leave it for a couple of hours so that it dries.


Step 2:

Knead and roll out the white modelling paste, and cut out the stars. Use the smallest from the set, plus a few of the medium size, and airbrush them with pearl or pearl silver. Leave them to dry before using glitter spray to finish.


Step 3:

Using your airbrush, spray random 'streaks' of the blue, black, purple and silver airbrush colouring over the cake. The pattern looks best when irregular so don't worry too much about how you do it, just go for it!

Start with light tones and gradually work to darker shades. Colours that will require mixing are as follows;

Dark Blue = Blue + a few drops of black

Purple = Pink + a few drops of sky blue


Step 4

When the cake is completely dry, using a new toothbrush to dip the bristles into your choice of pearl, white or pearl silver airbrush colour. Then simply draw your finger across the bristles to gently flick tiny dots onto the cake at random. You may mix in a little pearl food colouring powder to thicken the airbrush colour. This will make the spray stand out more on the cake.


Step 5:

Add stars, fixing with a little edible glue. Complete the look by giving the cake a few pumps of a glitter spray for a lustre finish, and if you wish, lightly dust on some Colour Splash metallic or pearl food colouring powder.


Top Tip:

Before using the airbrush on your cake you may wish to practice on paper. This effect is best used sparingly on the cake and it can be easy to over-do it. Practicing will help you get a feeling for the type of design you want.



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