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Step 1

Unbox and unwrap the teacakes.

Step 2

Roll out the brown modelling paste and cut six 43mm circles using the round cutter set. Cut the brown circles in half and stick to the sides of the tea cakes with the cut edge down to create the robin’s wings.


Step 3

Roll out the red and white modelling paste and cut out three 50mm circles from each colour.

Step 4

Using edible glue, attach the circles to the tea cakes as pictured.

Step 5

Take the smiley tool from the Cake Star cake decorating kit and add a smile to each robin by indenting the breast as pictured.

Step 6

Take out the orange modelling paste and pinch off enough paste to make a ball the size of a pea. Make the orange ball into a cone as pictured. Make six of these to create the beaks. Add these to the tea cake robins, just above the breast and in the middle, as pictured with edible glue.

Step 7

Take out the black modelling paste and pinch off enough to make a pea sized ball. Cut this ball into four pieces, and then roll the cut pieces into balls to create eyes. Add the eyes to the teacakes just above the beak with edible glue as pictured.

Step 8

To finish the teacake robins add a little Christmas sparkle by gently brushing on Colour Splash pearl dust silver sparkle. 



How lovely, definitely going to try this out on the grandkids. Thanks for such an easy idea. We all love chocolate tea cakes, adults and kids alike.


They look so cute and I will definitely be trying them. Thank you for some inspiration. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all the craft company team

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