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Create this colourful masterpiece using Colour Splash food colouring gels for any occasion following our easy step by step guide!


Step 1:

Colour the white sugarpaste with Colour Splash soft caramel to a light shade (or simply leave white) and cover cake. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Using Colour Splash gel colours diluted with clear spirit, paint watercolour effects of choice around side of cake.

Step 2:

Make up approx. ¼ of the icing mix to a thick consistency that will just flow. Divide into 3 separate bowls and colour one Green, one Raspberry and one Lemon. Place a little of each colour into small paper icing bags (no nozzle).

Carefully pour each colour, one at a time, onto top of cake, allowing to flow to the edge - you may have to encourage this by spreading with a knife. Take the relevant colour icing bag, snip the end, and pipe 'drips' down the side of the cake. (Consistency is all important - not too runny!) Create 'puddles' on board around the cake.

Paint Palette Decoration:

Make up ½ pastillage mix following instructions, and knead well. Roll out to approx. 4mm. Polish well with the palm of your hand and cut out a paint palette shape. Allow to dry. Add ‘puddles of paint’ – colours mixed into icing mix.

Once dry, fix onto top of cake with a brush for decoration.

Top Tips for using pastillage: This will take a minimum of 24hrs to dry. You should work quickly with Pastillage as it dries out rapidly when exposed to air.  Polish for a smooth surface).


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