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These meringue kisses are so easy to make and perfect as a Valentine's gift.

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For this, we used:

This recipe makes Approx. 30 meringue kisses.

Step 1:

Top Tip: Before starting make sure all your equipment is clean and grease free for perfect meringues!

Line a baking tray with parchment. Place egg whites into a bowl and beat until stiff and smooth.

Add ½ the caster sugar and continue beating until shiny and in firm peaks. Add remainder of sugar a tablespoon at a time and beat until silky and firm in texture (Do not overbeat). Flavourings may be added at this stage if wished.

Step 2:

Place the nozzle inside a piping bag, and fold the top of the bag down. Use the paintbrush to paint your chosen Colour Splash Gel colour(s) in stripes down the inside of the bag, continuing down the inside of the nozzle. You should find this easier if the bag is suspended inside a mug, tall grater or similar.

Place meringue into the bag, and pipe small rounds onto the baking parchment, leaving a small ‘curl’ on the top.

Top Tip: If you want a solid colour, this should be mixed gently into the meringue using a metal spoon. A metal spoon will avoid losing too much air from the mixture.

Step 3:

Bake at 120 ºC for 1½ hours, then turn off oven and leave to completely dry out for a further ½ hour.  Use and vary the kisses as wished -

-Flavour the meringue.

-Fill with cream and sandwich together.

-Cover the cream centre with sprinkles.

-Serve on top of a dessert or cake.

-Dip the bases into chocolate and cover with sprinkles.

-Serve with strawberries or raspberries.

-Give as a present inside a jar decorated with ribbon and a gift tag!




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