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Celebrate New Year's Eve in style by creating this spectacular New Year's Eve clock cake!

For this, we used:

Step 1:

Cover cake with approx. 800g sugarpaste. With round cutter, cut out circles with remainder of sugarpaste, and cover the 12 cupcakes. Leave to dry. (You need to save a tiny piece of this sugarpaste for use later.

Step 2:

Place small amounts of royal icing in four bowls. Mix red, lemon, blue, and leave one white.  Place each colour into a piping bag fitted with a no 1 or 1.5 nozzle. Pipe fireworks onto the cake in assorted colours (leave a space for the clock hands to be added later!).

Step 3:

Knead gold metallic paste (The easiest way to do this is to cut off small pieces, kneading each until soft). Roll out thinly and cut out -

-Tiny stars to enhance the fireworks.
-A variety of larger stars to add to wires.
-A selection of small stars to add to the cupcake tops later.
-Hands for the clock.
-Narrow strips to make pieces of twirly streamers. Wrap these around a modelling stick or pencil.
-Numbers 2017.

Step 4:

Place tiny stars at random onto fireworks fixing with edible glue. Put clock hands into place on the cake, at a position just before 12 midnight! Fix the 2017 numbers onto the front of the cake.

Step 5:

Cut gold wires into various lengths, and push into larger stars. Push the tiny piece of black sugarpaste you saved earlier, into the posy pick to support the wires and keep them in place. Insert the pick into the centre of the cake, then push the wires into the pick.

Add ribbon around the base of the cake.  Spray whole cake with gold and/or  silver glitter sprays.

For the cupcakes:

Knead gold metallic paste, roll out, and cut out numbers 1–12. Spray with glitter.  

Place numbers onto cupcakes, and add smaller stars for decoration.

Place cupcakes around the cake, and add pieces of streamers at random.


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