This beautiful Mother's Day Flower Bouquet Cake features beautiful pastel coloured flowers and bright, edible butterfly cake toppers.

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You Will Need

4” Round cake tin (800819)
8” Round Light Green Cake Drum Board (06811015)
500g Lincoln Green Sugarpaste (0602687)
Large Round Cutter (84574)
Sunflower / Daisy/ Gerbera Plunger Cutters - Set of 3 (84782)
Pavoni Flower Plunger Cutter - Set of 3 (99914)
6 Petal Flower Cutter - Set of 4 (87225)
5 Petal Flower Cutter - Set of 4 (84310)
Renshaw White Flower and Modelling Paste (0601942) 
Various Pastel Colour Splash gel Colours
Ribbon of your choice
Green Bear Grass (S6429)
Orchard Plaque Cutter (87234)
Clikstix Script Upper Case Alphabet Cutter (78100)
Assorted Butterfly Toppers (8021530)
Squires Edible Glue (59663)

Step 1

Bake two cakes, layer with buttercream, and join one cake on top of the other to make one deep cake. Mask with buttercream.

Step 2

Roll the green sugarpaste into thin ‘sausage’ strips (for the stems of the flowers) to the depth of the cake. Place around side of cake as straight as possible.

Please Note: If you have more than one type of flower in your bouquet, you may wish to vary the colour of the stems a little, by mixing the green with a little white and/or yellow sugarpaste! To obtain an even ‘sausage’ shape, use a cake smoother to roll it!

Step 3

Knead and roll out a small piece of the remaining green sugarpaste, and using a large round cutter, cut out a 4” circle for the top of the cake. Place on cake. Add some more paste, shaped into a dome, and place on top, in preparation for the flowers, to give them a little more height.

Step 4

Mix various paste colours into white flower and modelling paste to make pastel shades for flowers (reserve a small piece of the paste for the plaque). Roll out pastes and cut out flowers, using your creativity for colours and design. Arrange these onto the top of the cake, using edible glue to secure. Add wafer butterflies on top of the flowers, also using the edible glue.

Step 5

Wrap your chosen ribbon around the cake and finish with a large bow. Add some lengths of green bear grass for extra effect. These will tuck down inside the ribbon.

Cut out plaque in white flower/modelling paste. Allow to dry. Add ‘MUM’ lettering using Clikstix Script cutters (or other cutters of your choice) and a piece of paste in any colour, left over from making flowers. Place plaque onto board.

Supply List
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