Creating decorations for your cakes and bakes has never been easier thanks to our popular Clikstix range. These cutters are designed to create letters, numbers and shapes in seconds, giving your cakes that perfect finishing touch.

Each of our Clikstix cutters are easy to use and give fantastic results every time (practise makes perfect, after all)! These handy cutters are very resilient and take the hard work out of creating your own decorations or lettering. Unlike many other cutter sets, Clikstix cutters have multiple cutters on one convenient strip so you’ll always have all the shapes you need on just one product.

The Clikstix alphabet cutters are a great way to create flawless lettering for cakes without all the usual time and effort. The alphabet range is perfect for creating special messages or personalising a cake with the recipient’s name. We’ve also got a great range of Clikstix number cutters, perfect for adding ages and dates to special celebration cakes!

For best results, you should use Clikstix cutters with sugar flower paste. This is because the paste is strong enough to be rolled out very thinly, eliminating the risk of it becoming stuck in the cutter and allowing it to release easily.