Tala is one of Britain's oldest and best-loved kitchenware brands. Since as far back as 1899, Tala’s fantastic range of baking products has been helping the world create beautiful cakes for all occasions.

Tala supply everyday baking products for bakers and cake decorators of all skill levels. From rolling pins to baking trays to even jam funnels, our range of Tala everyday products are perfect for filling your cupboards with.

Our selection of Tala cutters are ideal for creating all sorts of wonderful shaped bakes and decorations. Our Tala star cutters have safe edges that make them perfect for when the kids want to help out in the kitchen, while our holly leaf cutters make creating festive decorations easier than ever.

With so many cake decorating supplies available, our Tala range is great for those just starting out or needing to stock up on the essentials. We have piping bags, piping nozzles, palette knives, icing bag sets, icing syringe sets and cake rulers to name a few!

For more great baking and cake decorating supplies, check out our full Culpitt range.

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