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PME Rolling Pin Guide Rings - Large - Set of 4 Pairs

Product Code: 800888
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Use these rolling pin guide rings to ensure you roll your paste to an even thickness everytime!

Product Details

PME Rolling Pin Guide Rings - Large - Set of 4 Pairs

This set of four (x2) rolling pin guide rings is perfect when you need to roll out your sugarpaste, marzipan, modelling paste etc. to an even thickness, you will never need to guess again!  

Includes 8 rings in sets of 2.  Four colours for easy identification - red, blue, green and yellow.

This set will fit onto PME 16" rolling pin (83415) & PME 20" rolling pin (83419) or any 1.5" (40mm) rolling pin.

To Use:

Simply choose the ring set for the required depth and slide onto each end of the rolling pin, roll out the paste until the guide rings touch your work surface.

Use with any paste.

Please Note: Rolling pin not included.


Depth of rings:

1.5mm / 3.5mm / 6.25mm / 13mm


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