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Katy Sue Silicone Sugarcraft Mould - Leaf Flourish

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This silicone sugarcraft leaf flourish mould is perfect for creating sugar leaf flourish decorations for your celebration cakes!

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Katy Sue Silicone Sugarcraft Mould - Leaf Flourish

This Katy Sue leaf flourish mould is perfect for creating a sugar leaf flourish for any celebration cakes!

Dust the mould with cornflour or a lustre dust.  Press your paste into the mould, then push out for the perfect leaf flourish designs. Use paints, dusts etc to decorate if wished, or pre colour the paste.

Can be used with flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate and isomalt. 


Flourish: 57mm x 45mm

Leaf: 12mm x 19mm


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