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FMM Press Ice - Ribbon 1

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This FMM Press Ice Pattern will enable you to create a polka dot ribbon design on your cake! 

Product Details

Why Buy?

A very quick and easy method to mark a decorative ribbon pattern on a cake.  

Takes all the guesswork out of piping beads on your cake!


Product Description:

This tool is complete with handle for ease of use. Use to mark a polka dot ribbon design around the side of your cake, or on any other creation, ready for piping beads over the top.

Product Dimensions:

Actual pattern 100mm (L) x 25mm (W)


How To Use:

Ensure the sugarpaste is still soft immediately before embossing.

Start embossing at the back of the cake which ideally will be placed on a turntable.

Place the bottom edge of the Press-Ice tool flat on the board to ensure that the pattern is level, and use an even pressure along the length of the tool, pressing the pins into the icing, and removing without dragging.

Position the tool for the next section by inserting the first row of pins into the last row of holes, and press evenly. Continue around the whole cake.

Pipe tiny dots of icing over each hole.



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