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Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder Set - Metallics

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Create bright and beautiful cakes with our edible food colouring powder by Colour Splash. Can be dusted on cake decorations and surfaces or mixed into icing, perfect for giving cakes a lovely blue effect.

Product Details

Colour Splash Food Colouring Powder Set - Metallics

The Colour Splash food colouring powder Metallics set is brilliant for adding a pop of colour to birthday and celebration cakes. These dusts are fantastic for creating eye-catching cakes and decorations, perfect for parties and special occasions. Dust a small amount on your cake surface or decorations using a dusting brush or mix in with icing.

Includes: Hint of Blue, Hint of Green, Hint of Red & Hint of Gold.

All products in our Colour Splash food colouring powder range are completely edible and leave a rich colour on cake decorations, bakes, icing, pastes and chocolate. Each dust comes in a small jar with a screw top lid for easy storage.

Weight: 5g