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FMM Ivy Leaf Cutter - Set of 3

Product Code: 86160
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This Set of 3 Plastic Ivy Leaf Cutters measure 12mm, 17mm and 23mm (L).  Create Ivy leaves in 3 different sizes to add structure and interest to all your sugar flower sprays, and cake designs.

Product Details

FMM Ivy Leaf Cutter - Set of 3

Product Description

A set of 3 plastic Ivy Leaf Cutters, which may be wired and added individually into a spray, or wired into a long stem to create a trail, or simply cut out and placed onto a cake or cupcake for decoration. 

Use sugarpaste for simple decorations, or flower paste if wiring.


Product Dimensions:

12mm, 17mm, 23mm (L)


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