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JEM Ladies Shoe Cutter/Embosser - Set of 9

Product Code: JC1000
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 This Lady's Shoe Cutter Set includes 8 cutters to make a lady's heeled shoe. Create a style of your choice and decorate as you wish.

Product Details

JEM  Ladies Shoe Cutter/Embosser - Set of 9


8 Cutters in one set to create a lady's heeled shoe. Set Includes cutters, and formers to shape the upper shoe and the heel. If making several shoes together, you may wish to purchase more formers.

To Use:

Simply pop the cutters in your foam pad, grease the cutters with petal base, Lay your flowerpaste over the top and roll your rolling pin over the back of the cutters to achieve neat, clean cut outs. 

These cutters may be used with the PME Mexican Foam Pad (but not necessary) where general instructions may be found for using cutters. It is recommended that flower paste is used.


Total shoe when complete 94mm (L) x 40mm (H) 

Set Includes:

Embosser 87 x 42mm, Upper 87 x 42mm, Heel Mould, Back Strap 85 x 6mm, Upper former, Heel former, Ankle Strap 120 x 40mm and Sole 95 x 16mm.


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