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Pavoni Large Baby Plunger Cutter - Set of 4

Product Code: 99902
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These plunger cutters will cut and emboss large baby designs for your cookies.

Can also be used with flower/sugarpaste and marzipan etc.

Product Details

Why Buy?

Contains 4 different designs.

Perfect for cutting out cookies and biscuits.

Can also be used with sugar/flower paste to cut out baby themed shapes for your celebration cake!

Product Description:

Set of 4 large baby plunger cutters can be used for cookies, sugar / flower paste, marzipan, pastry etc.

Contains Pram, Rocking horse, Bottle and Bib.

Simply cut out from your desired medium, while still on work surface press the plunger button to impress the design. Lift away and press button again to release.

Product Dimensions:

Pram - 60mm (W) x 75mm (L)

Rocking horse - 78mm (W) x 70mm (L)

Bottle - 30mm (W) x 80mm (L)

Bib - 57mm (W) x 75mm (L)


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