Follow this simple cocktail inspired how to guide to create delicious Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail themed cupcakes.

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You Will Need
Magenta foil cupcake cases (2307)
Nielsen Massey Flavouring Rose water (5576)
Colour Splash food colouring gel – Pale Pink (0675131)
Culpitt edible glitter – Pink (51133)
Cake Star piping bags (84798)
JEM 1M Piping nozzle (84964)
Step 1

Bake a batch of 12 cupcakes in the Magenta foil cupcake cases using our basic cupcake recipe, replacing the vanilla extract for the Nielsen Massey Rose water flavouring.

Step 2

Make up a basic butter cream using out simple recipe and add ¼ tsp of Rose water flavouring and add the Pale Pink colouring. Fill a piping bag fitted with the star nozzle with the butter cream and pipe a ruffle design on top of the cupcakes. Finish off by sprinkling pink glitter over the cupcakes.

Serve with a tasty Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail.

Supply List
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