These striped watercolour cookies are perfect for decorating cookies or cupcake tops.

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You Will Need
Cookie Dough
Apricot glaze
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste - White - 74229
Culpitt Cake Decorating Sugarpaste - Black - 74218
PME brushes – 800081
Paint palette tray - 25063
Selection of Colour Splash gel colours
Rejuvenator spirit – 5501 or any clear edible spirit.
For the Cookies

Roll out cookie dough and cut to size and shape required. Bake and cool.

Brush on a little apricot glaze.

Roll out sugarpaste (black or white), cut out, and place onto cookies. Allow to dry.  

The Ombre Look

To grade the colour for an ombre effect, mix the colour with a little rejuvenator spirit in the paint palette (or a saucer), and with a fairly diluted colour, start brushing stripes across the cookie on one side. Gradually load the brush with more colour to increase the depth of shade so you finish on the other side with a very deep colour.

The Rainbow Look

For a rainbow effect, simply choose a few different colours and paint across the cookie with the brush fairly loaded with colour.

Don’t worry if you have streaks across the paint, this just adds to the effect. Allow to dry.

Top Tips

For painting on black iced cookies, mix gel colours with a little white Colour Splash powder (75115). This will give a more opaque finish which will show up better on the black.

Use rejuvenator or other clear edible spirit (gin/vodka) for a better finish, and quicker drying. Water may be used but does not give such a good finish and takes longer to dry.

A paler shade is achieved with more spirit and a little colour while a darker shade requires more colour and less spirit.

Supply List
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